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  1. ​Heaven is Under Our Feet
  2. The Power of One
  3. When Women Wear the Wings
  4. Pennies From Heaven by Johnny Burke & Arthur Johnston
  5. Little Bluebird

Conceived & created at historic Bartlett Arboretum, Sumner County, Kansas, by Robin Macy & Kentucky White in early spring 2012.

Recorded and engineered by Carter Green at Greenjeans Studios, Wellington, Kansas.

Artists: Jo & Craig Tomson

Guitars & Mandolin: Kentucky White
Bass: Blake McLemore & Mark Foley
Drums & Percussion: Sam Hake
Dobro: Jimmy Campbell
Clarinet: Bill Harshbarger
Steel Guitar: Jeff Pickering
Cherokee Maiden Sisterhood of Harmony: Mrs. Monica Taylor Johnson & Miss Jennifer Pettersen

Gratitude to Craig & Jo, Carter, Randy and Micah.

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"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."
Henry David Thoreau

Heaven is Under Our Feet

A man upon the corner passing pamphlets to the crowd
He's a-shouting and a-quoting all the scripture right out loud
I know that I'm a sinner but would someone tell me please
Who really knows what comes and goes – the answer's in the breeze

I went to church on Sunday and I learned the Golden Rule
I practiced meditation, Lord I taught Bible School
I went to see a shaman, to a temple then to Rome
But all that I was looking for I found right here at home

If you wanna know (see, hear) God, you don't gotta be dead
Cause Heaven is under our feet as well as over our head.

The mystic and the swami, Dali Lama in Tibet
St. Peter in the pulpit preaching on your TV set
The resurrection seems to call to all will be wise
But how can just a very few conceive of paradise?

I read Gibran and Lewis, all the prophets in between
I searched up in the mountains for answers but they seemed
To be just like a fortune teller card upon the sand
Then I opened up my window what I saw was a promised land

God is in the eyes of all the creatures on the land
Theology is practiced when the tree begins to stand
All that I am witness to when I survey the earth
Seems divine and just in time –transcendent in its birth

The Power of One

Crowds and a caucus remain ~ A choir will sing a refrain
But leave the work of the army undone to the power of one
One strong voice when it's sung inspires and rallies the young
A single hand of someone creates a power of one

One sincere deed can make others believe in the end, less can mean more
The world starts to breath ~ she's got a trick up her sleeve
A steady hand can open a door

The solitary efforts of one can shine like the light of the sun
And that's when the work is begun ~ it's called the power of one.

One small act is a start when done will all of your heart
And this will set us apart it's called the power of one.

When Women Wear the Wings

Feel the winds of change blowin' in
Sing a song of love ~ forgive the sin
Throw a quilt upon the hurt and pain
On the roof can you see the weather vane?
Swinging high and pointing to the west
Holding on safely to its mama's breast
But all the news from a man on the radio
Speaks soft and low:

Strike the war flag down
Pass the peace pipe 'round
Let the sound of a lullaby ring
Hear the mother's cry
Feel the babies sigh
When women wear the wings
Let women wear the wings...

Bake a cake for the soldier coming soon
Thread the needle ~ sew the bleeding wound
Kneed some bread to feed our broken hearts
Battle done, now play out in the yard
On the swing set children come and go
In a world and a time can they ever know?
But all the news from a man on the radio
Speaks soft and low:

Little Bluebird

For Amy. The Bluebird.

Little Bluebird
Oh, have you heard
Songbirds singing up above?
Little Bluebird
Calls you homeward
To a hundred years of love

Roof made of tin
Rain falling in
When we were young
Rose on the vine
Must be a sign
We've only just begun
Singing Bluebird
Winging Bluebird
Brings you home to everyone

Pastures of gold
A story untold
Still we grow older
Wind in your ear
Whispering clear
It's time to have and hold
Singing Bluebird
Winging Bluebird
Brings you home ~ heart and soul

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